Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stay Frosty

After a bit of time spent by myself in a corporation I created for me and my alts, I decided to take the plunge into low-sec piracy and joined Stay Frosty. For those of you who don't know, Stay Frosty is the corp that Rixx Javix of EVOGANDA fame started after he left his old low-sec piracy corp, The Tuskers, over some troubles with management. A bold move on his part was to base the new corp in the same system as the old corp creating a "friendly" rivalry and making sure there's plenty of action.

Stay Frosty is based in Hevrice in Verge Vendor, right on the edge of high-sec. There's quite a bit of faction warfare in the region as well as plenty of belts attracting daring Ventures. Also, Brave Newbies has moved in to the area a few jumps away so there's a good amount of fights to be had for those willing to look. I've only been in corp for a couple weeks but I'm already feeling at home. I was apprehensive of moving to low-sec but it's not nearly as scary of a place if you've got some corpmates in the area.

I'm still trying to get my skills to an acceptable level. I'm working on being able to fly a few different frigates because they're 1) cheap and 2) fun as hell. I've already lost a bunch of ships and had a blast doing it. I've even gotten a few kills smattered in here and there.

I hope to regale you with more stories of my pirate lifestyle. Stay tuned!

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