Who are you?

My name is Estria Del and I play EVE Online. I haven't been playing very long and as a result, I'm not very good at it. EVE Online is a hugely complicated game and I'm trying to muddle my way through it as best as I can.

What other MMOs have you played?

The very first "modern" MMO I played was Asheron's Call (I've never played Everquest.) For those of you who remember, I was on the Morningtide server and I used a crossbow and item magic.

The next one I played was Planetside. I was a Vanu on Emerald and I made it to BR 25/CR 2, and I spent most of my time either in a Max suit or flying a Galaxy. I was in a couple smaller outfits but the biggest one I was in was called Band of Bros. I think they're still around in some capacity playing other games but I'm sure they don't really remember me :)

Next up is World of Warcraft. Hasn't almost everyone played that one for at least a little bit? I've started and quit WoW more times than I can remember. I started playing in December of 2004 and the first time I played was with a buddy on Kel'Thuzad. He quickly outleveled my lowly Undead Rogue and I think I quit when I was in the late 40s.

The second time I played was a couple years later (still during vanilla) and I made a new character. This time I made an Undead Mage on the server Tichondrius named Delestria (which is obviously where my EVE character name comes from.) I spent all of my time in a guild called Nerfed by Association and I met some great people in that guild and on that server, some of which I still game with today. In vanilla, I never got past ZG or AQ20 and in BC I did Kara (of course), Grull's, Mag and SSC. I quit while BC was still the current expansion.

The third time I played, some of the people from the old server had moved to Emerald Dream, a RP server (even though we were never much into RPing.) I rolled some new characters there and transfered my Mage over as well. WotLK was out and I got into my friends' raiding guild with my Mage and did some raiding there. We had a 10-man group and a 25 man group and I manged to get LK kills on both as well as getting my 10-man undead drake for completing all of the achievements in ICC.

The last time I played was only for a brief time to check out Cataclysm. It was okay but it didn't interest me that much. I haven't yet tried Pandaland yet, but I might check it out if I get bored enough one of these days.

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