Friday, October 18, 2013

But I'm Not Dead Yet!

Everytime I try to start a blog, real life steps in the way and says, "YOU SHALL NOT POST!!!" I apologize in advance because this entry is only going to briefly mention EVE and I'm sure all zero or one of you who read this probably have it classified as an "EVE Blog."

I have great ideas (or maybe they're not-so-great) that I can't wait to write about, I just haven't had the time to sit down and do so. As luck would have it though, my new job has me sitting at a computer 9+ hours a day so I'll be able to squeak in and get some writing done in my downtime.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to actually fly around and shoot stuff lately. I'd say it sucks because we have a war on, but I live in low-sec which makes wars utterly pointless. Instead of reds to shoot at, I see flashy reds instead. Whoopie. In high wars make some sense since you can't just go shooting people willy-nilly and in null you're fighting over space. Oh well. So, I log in, update my queues, read my mail, update my orders and that's it.

My trader/miner alt can fly a freighter now, so there's that. Also, my main (this character) is beefing up drone skills which I discovered were sorely lacking. Drones are still a bit confusing for me. I mean, I understand what they do and how to use them, I just... don't. When I do the limited amount of PVE I do, I often fly a Drake and I often forget to launch the drones and when I do launch them I often forget to scoop them back up. I wish the interface were a little better.

I'm not going to lie, the limited gaming time I have had lately has been spent playing GTA V. If you haven't played it, I can describe it as GTA IV but better. Normally I complain about the lack of new ideas and the endless swarm of sequels being pushed upon the gamer community, but if a sequel is incredibly well-done (and GTA V certainly is) I'm all for it.

Speaking of poorly-made sequels, the newest Madden game is the 25th(!!!) version of said franchise. I've played a couple from the last few years and they don't have any detectable difference to me. That does not a good sequel make. I also probably won't need a new NBA2K game for a while since the Jordan one was so much fun and the last one I played (last years, I believe) added a "feature" that really pissed me off. Said feature was having to.. do something, I never figured out what... in order to unlock players to play in the streetball mode with. What players, you might ask? Any of the ones anyone might give a shit about, from Lebron to John Wall. The most fun I had playing NBA2K11 was 2v2 or 3v3 with some buddies, and the game basically said "now you have to play a bunch of games in a mode you don't care about to be able to play the mode you do." Not cool, 2K Sports, not cool at all. Why do I need to earn a currency in my non-mmo game to unlock CORE GAME FEATURES?

Anyways, that's all I have right now. I promise the next post will be marginally better and marginally more EVE-related, but I have some non-EVE stuff I want to talk about too so be prepared.