Monday, June 3, 2013

Kicked from the New Order

So I got kicked from the New Order with accusations that I'm being a spy. Here's the story:

Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we had a massive operation planned to take out some freighters. Agent John E Normus had the whole thing planned out and the only information we as gankers were given was to be at the staging system (Kamio) in our pods to fleet up. I logged on to Teamspeak early and mentioned my main was able to watch a target if it was required and I was given a freighter in a system to watch. I parked my main 50k off the target in a Buzzard and watched.

Eventually the fleet got together and the target I was watching was being called primary. I was told to setup for a warp to zero. I sent my cloaker into 5k range to prepare for the drop. When I was told to get to zero, I sent my guy in but something happened and when the fleet arrived I was only at 3.5k-4k from the target. Try as we might with our DPS, we only barely got the freighter into structure before we were Concorded. Somehow I screwed up but I'm not really sure how it happened. I clicked "approach" and that's what happened. I can only imagine I didn't hit the target but I overshot it or something. Our DPS was down a bit from at least one of our Brutixes getting ECMed or something, but I don't know if it was enough of a hit to not be able to take out the freighter.

However, this wasn't the only snafu from this operation. There were several rebels that appeared in the target system as well as other systems looking around for us. It appears the operation was compromised from within, either someone in the corp or someone in the fleet. The operation was shut down for a while and eventually we got back on track and had a few Orca kills later in the day.

So later that week I log in to find myself in an NPC corp. I spoke with Agent Fawn Tailor (a genuinely very nice guy) to see if he had any information on what happened to me. It was determined that I was a spy and a saboteur and I intentionally screwed the pooch on the freighter kill. This whole idea was pretty absurd to me. Here are some facts:

  • I didn't intentionally sabotage the freighter kill, I'm actually just an incompetent noob.
  • In all my time in both the corp channel or the "public" channel for the New Order, I've never seen any information that I would consider worthwhile stealing to be sold to the enemies of the New Order
  • Almost all of what the New Order does is completely out in the open. All fittings and general strategy are freely available to the public on

It was also suggested that to "get back into good graces with NOL" that I might try infiltrating the Rebels' organization to get some information. I don't really feel up to trying to get the NOL to like me. I'm just going to find something else to do in this game. To be honest, suicide ganking mining ships isn't really that exciting. Plus, I find the idea of trying to suck up to people who booted me from their corp for something I didn't really do fairly distasteful.

Oh, and here's a pretty good strategy to combat the New Order's ganking tactics:

  • Buy a permit for 10mil isk and announce your support for the New Order in your bio. This will cause them to leave you alone.
  • Tank your mining ship.
  • Don't mine AFK. 
  • Add CODE. to your watchlist and if you start to see them appear in your local, dock up.
Wow, I hope I didn't give out too much information there. Whatever.

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