Tuesday, May 7, 2013

State of Being

Right now the only game I'm actually playing is EVE Online. I don't get a lot of time to play but I try to make the most of the precious little time I do get. I've only been playing for a few months now so I've got just enough information to go out and get myself killed doing stupid things. For example:

  • I lost a Drake doing a level 3 mission in 0.4 space because despite having plenty of shields, I didn't have a single answer for one warp scram. It took a while for the other guy to blow me up but I didn't even have a burner fitted to try to run away (as if I could get away from anything in a Drake.)
  • I lost a Hookbill by flying into Tribute from Lonetrek. There were 15 people from RAZOR on the other side of the gate. Oops/
I'm sure I'll be doing more stupid stuff in the future.

I created a ganker alt for the New Order and I have one whopping kill. I'm sure more will follow though. I think it'll be fun to be in a corporation that seems to be hated by many.

My main has been in the same corp for a while now. There's only two of us and the guy who runs the corp is a super nice guy. He and I don't get to play together a lot because we both seem to be on completely different schedules. If I find something more to my liking I might join another corp but nothing has come up yet.

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