Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gambling and Scamming - Part 2

I apologize it took so long to finish this article. GTA V came out and, well, you know how that goes.

Last time we talked about scams that people run in EVE. This time we're going to talk about legit gambling websites that are run by members of the EVE community. ISK-gambling sites have a lot in common with their real-money counterparts. Since I live in the US, I'm not legally allowed to use those sites, but

One thing the legit gambling websites have in common is they use an in-game corporation to transfer ISK to and from your character to their site. You send ISK to the corporation, then a person or an API read transfers the credit into your account on the site. Later, after you've won, you cashout on the site and the same corporation transfers the money into your wallet.

There are people who believe these sites are a scam. I don't have any information that definitively proves that they're *not* scams, but based on my experiences using them, I'm pretty sure they're legit. They operate like casinos; they use a mathematical edge to generate a profit. I guess if you think playing Blackjack or slot machines in a casino are a "scam," then you would call these sites a scam

EVE Bet is a sports betting website. You can bet on Football, Baseball, Soccer, etc. They use other bookmaking sites to set their odds and just like real-life sports betting, those odds are set when you make your bet, despite the line on the game changing. I've put a but of ISK onto EVE Bet but I'm not really a sports betting kind of guy, so I don't really do much with it. I'll put a million here or there on a game, if I'm feeling lucky.

EOH Poker is a website devoted to playing poker with ISK. It operates on the same principle as every other poker site on the internet such as PokerStars or Full Tilt. They have ring games where ISK is converted to tokens (one token is 100,000 ISK) and they have tournaments you buy into by giving ISK in-game to a "banker" who starts the tournament and pays out the winners. This is my favorite gambling site because the players are mostly bad and I've won several hundred million ISK on the site with limited playtime.

Evealopalous has raffles and lotteries. Eveopolous has a low ISK barrier for entry (tickets to raffles and lotteries only cost 10k ISK. They also have a section called the grid where you purchase squares on a grid that contain money, squares to more expensive grids, or nothing. Once all the prizes are gone on the grid (multiple people can buy tickets on the same grid) it resets and pays all the winners out.

Somer Blink is a lottery site that has instant lotteries (called blinks) on ships and high-ticket items. Blink is probably the most addictive site of the bunch. A blink works thusly: Someone starts a blink by choosing the item they want to play for and buying the first ticket. Most blinks have either eight or sixteen tickets. Once all the tickets are sold, a number is drawn and a winner is chosen. Items can either be converted into Blink credit or contracted to you in Jita. Blink is incredibly well-run, credit is added to your account almost instantly and prizes are contracted within a few minutes. You also have the option of having larger items shipped to any highsec system for free.

Go ahead and check them out, they're a lot of fun. Play responsibly!


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